Cirrus Nova Prism Recruitment Software - Key Features

Familiar User Interface

Prism is built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and as such it immediately feels familiar

Instant Recognition

When you login to Prism you will immediately notice the similarities to your other Microsoft Office products. From the contextual ribbon at the top to the navigation, views and interaction, you will appreciate Prism as if you have used it before.

Easy Adoption

The familiarity of the views and navigation of Prism will mean that your team should accept the system more readily and quickly start to see the benefits of the system.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook

The most common way to work with Cirrus Nova Prism is via Internet Explorer, however, because of its Microsoft base many companies choose to work directly through Outlook. With its seamless integration you can easily flip back and forward between the two or choose which method suits you best.

Reduced Training Requirement

Due to the familiarity and ease of use of Prism, training requirements are generally lower than you might expect. We will never dictate the amount of training that you need but let you decide on training by the hour online or by the day at your premises. We also won’t tell you what you need to know but instead let you pick the topics to cover in your training sessions.

We are happy to help and support you every step of the way.

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