Cirrus Nova Services - Web Integration

Publish new vacancies on your website and automatically parse CVs loaded on your website into Prism

Recruitment Agency Website Integration

Our recruitment software, Prism can be integrated with your existing website allowing new vacancies to automatically be displayed on your site once they are created in Prism, giving you real time updates on your website.

With a website integration there is also no need to load CVs into Prism as this will be done automatically. A candidate record will be created when the CV is parsed, reducing manual processes so you can instantly start looking for the right role and place the candidate.

Cirrus Nova Prism ClickToApply

When integrating your website with Prism we can add our ClickToApply function to your vacancy feed, so that with 3 clicks potential candidates can load their CV and apply for a vacancy. This will feed through to your Prism system and automatically attach the candidate to the vacancy record.

Content & Social Media Integration

In today’s online world you cannot deny the popularity of websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube and the power they have for promoting your business, and your news and services, in an engaging and interactive way with your users.

We can help you improve your web presence and brand awareness by pulling content from your social media sites and displaying them on your website in a professional and interactive way. This could include company documents, blogs, latest jobs, products, music, images and video.

HR & BackOffice Integration

We can advise on the most appropriate way to integrate your Prism data with your back office systems.

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Benefits of Website Integration

  • Automatically receive candidate registrations and CV's into Prism
  • Receive client enquiries for immediate processing
  • Automatically push new vacancies to your website
  • Improve web traffic and search engine results
  • Give your company a professional look and feel
  • Improve brand awareness

Web design

Recruiter websites

Is your current recruitment website looking dated and not attracting as many visitors as you would like?

We offer a range of web design and branding services to help you improve your company's identity, web presence or user interaction with your website.

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