Cirrus Nova - Prism Frequently asked questions

We've put together a collection of the most frequently asked questions we get asked regarding our recruitment solution Prism

When was the product launched?

Prism was launched in early 2011 after a year of development with a key recruitment partner

Do you have existing customers that will provide references?

We are proud of our high level of customer service and would welcome the opportunity to refer you to our clients for references

Is the system available on-premise or cloud-based?

Prism is available as a cloud-based product or, if you prefer, can be purchased on-premise. Contact us to discuss the most suitable option for you.

How is the system updated?

We schedule monthly major releases of the system and minor releases as and when required. We have an active development roadmap, which our clients are actively encouraged to contribute towards.

What hardware will I need?

For the cloud-based system we recommend a 1Ghz or faster CPU, 2GB RAM and 1.5GB of free hard drive space for the Prism Outlook client. You will also need Internet Explorer 8+ and Microsoft Silverlight 4+ installed on the machines. Contact us to discuss requirements for on-premise.

What internet bandwidth/line speed do I need?

This is largely dependent on the number of users sharing the line. We find that a 2MB broadband connection works reliably for up to 5 users, but as with any cloud-based applications, faster connections are better.

Where will our data be stored?

We use a UK based Tier 4 secure data centre, which is the highest level of security available and offers:

  • 24/7 manned security, extensive CCTV coverage and perimeter fencing
  • Lobby to data floor protected by single person interlock to prevent theft
  • Anti-tailgating mantrap security doors
  • No external windows to data floors
  • Secure entry requiring government issued ID
  • Multiple redundant connections to the Internet
  • UPS systems with diesel powered backup generators
  • Cutting-edge fire detection and suppression systems
  • Up to date anti-virus and firewalls

How often is our data backed up?

Data is backed up hourly and stored on 2 separate network drives. We keep hourly backups for 7 days, daily backups for 30 days, weekly backups for 3 months and monthly backups for 12 months.

Are there any data capacity limits?

We start customers off with a 5GB data limit. We find that this is enough for approximately 50,000 unique CVs. Excess storage can be purchased as per your contract.

Is it possible to send and receive emails in Prism?

Email can be sent and incoming email tracked through Prism, with all emails being tracked against the relevant contact, company or vacancy.

Does the calendar in Prism integrate with the Microsoft Outlook calendar?

Using the Outlook Add-In (which comes as standard with your Prism subscription), you are able to sync not only your calendar with Prism, but also your tasks, phone calls and emails.

Is it possible to send and receive text messages in Prism?

Yes, Prism is integrated with IceTrak text messaging. You pay IceTrak directly for your usage with no extra charges from us.

Is it possible to save skill codes against a candidate?

Yes, we have a section called Competencies, which records details of skills, qualifications, positions, languages and industries. You are able to weight skill abilities against each candidate so that you can reference them later when searching for candidates to place in to vacancies.

What types of searching are available in the system?

Prism has skills-based, Boolean and radius searching as standard.

Is it possible to add and remove fields in Prism?

Prism can be customised to meet your own business requirements, so you are able to add customised fields to any screen you see in the system and you can even create your own brand new entities and screens.

Is it possible to setup workflows to automate my processes in the system?

Workflows can easily be created or changed by the user. For instance, you could create a workflow to automatically send a candidate an email reminder of an interview when you schedule one in the system.

Is it possible to create marketing lists?

You are able to create multiple marketing lists for any contact, company or lead you have in Prism. Responses to your campaigns can be monitored so that you can measure their effectiveness.

What management reporting tools are available in the system?

A standard set of management reports, charts and dashboards are pre-loaded with Prism. Users can also easily create their own using the wizards in the system.

Can I restrict a user’s access to the system?

It is very easy to limit a user’s access level right down to field level and can be managed by assigning users to the relevant access groups. Locking users out is also a simple process and can be performed by a trained systems administrator.

What technical support is available and where is the support desk located?

We operate a fully managed ITIL Service Desk based in the Midlands, UK. The Help Desk opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. Support issues can be logged with our desk either through email or phone. All details of our Support Service and our SLA our covered in our Support Services Policy.

What training packages do you offer?

We tailor our training to meet your needs so we can offer training by the hour or by the day, online or at your offices, and on the topic of your choice. You just tell us what you want and we will tailor a training package to suit you.

Can Prism be integrated with my website?

Yes, we can integrate Prism with your website so that new vacancies will automatically be published on your website and online applications will feed back through into Prism. We can even design and build you a new website if you would like your site updated.

Do you charge a setup fee?

There is no setup fee for the cloud-based system. Once you've signed up we'll get you up and running and you just pay your monthly subscription. An on-premise can have different requirements and IT infrustructure. We are happy to help you assess and quote you if your looking for an on-premise solution.

How do you charge for data migration?

Every migration is different so we will assess your data and quote you a price based on the amount of time it will take to complete. We will only charge you for the time that we use, not just a standard charge, and there won’t be any hidden extras.

How do you charge for training?

We tailor our packages to suit you so we will charge for the time you use. Training is available by the hour or by the day.

What will it cost to get a new website and integrate it with Prism?

We will provide a quote based on your requirements and the time that it will take to design and build your site, and integrate with Prism.