Cirrus Nova - Services

Cirrus Nova offers an extended range of business services which compliment Prism and allow us to further support our customers

The Right Choice

With developers and designers, software specialists, senior project managers and internet experts all in-house we recognised very quickly that we could extend our services and share these skills with our clients.

Our understanding of the recruitment industry combined with genuine skills and passion for our work mean we are able to offer a full suite of additional services which complement our key products.

Data Migration

We understand the importance of having confidence in the safety of your data when moving to a new system and so offer a complete, secure data migration service.

Find out more about our data migration services

Bespoke Customisations

With our in-house expertise there is a real opportunity to customise Prism precisely to your business needs. Users can make adjustments and customise the system themselves but if you prefer we can do this for you. In particular you may want assistance with more complex customisations, which we are always happy to help with.

See how we can customise Prism for you

Training and Support

When you sign up to Prism you get access to our technical support team at no extra cost. We will spend some time with you getting you up and running, but if you'd like to get more help, or focus on a specific feature we are happy to tailor a training package to suit you.

Tailor your training

Web Integration

Prism can be linked to your website and used for collection and distribution of candidate details, interaction with social media pages, and video, image and content sharing. All are possible through our web integration services.

Integrate your website with Prism

Web Design & Branding

First impressions are crucial in business. We offer web and branding services to businesses requiring professional yet affordable web design, web integration and graphic design to help you stand out from your competition.

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