Cirrus Nova Prism Recruitment Software - Key Features

Advanced User Customisation

Easily change views, design reports, configure business processes, create dashboards and work the way you want

Configurable Dashboards

Prism has a powerful dashboard facility which allows each user to create their own environment showing data tables, graphs, tasks, emails, activities, company intranet and external websites; in fact just about anything in the system or on the web can be added to your own personalised dashboard.

Dashboards are interactive and real-time so you are always up to date with what is going on in the organisation. They can also be shared with other users, teams or the whole organisation.

Users can design and create as many dashboards as they wish and change between them at the touch of a button.

Easily Definable Business Processes

Optimise the way you work by using workflows. A workflow is essentially the automation of a sequence of steps or a series of tasks started when certain criteria are met. Workflows can streamline common business processes such as emailing CVs to clients, sending interview confirmations and welcoming new candidates. Removing manual processes and freeing up additional time can make a real difference to your success.

When you think that speed can sometimes be the only reason you miss out on a candidate or client, this really can help to transform your business.

Report Design

In everything we do, we need to be able to report on results, track advancement, record issues or try to predict outcomes. As part of Prism you have the ability to put together customised reports in a matter of moments. The reporting wizard is easy to use and will soon become part of your everyday activity.

Change Forms and Views

It is very quick and easy to change views in Prism such as adding, removing or reordering columns. Forms can also be amended by adding, removing or repositioning fields.


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Prism can be completely configured by the user to work in a way that suits them, or if you prefer we can customise Prism for you.