Cirrus Nova Prism Recruitment Software - Key Features

Impressive Set of Management Tools

Set KPIs, goals and targets whilst tracking individual, team and company performance

Easy tracking of KPI’s, Targets and Goals

Setting and monitoring goals, targets and KPIs (key performance indicators) helps managers to get the best out of their team. In a competitive environment it is essential to know exactly what is happening in the workplace and how you are performing.

Activity Tracking

It is important to maintain a record of your communications and activities. Prism stores all sent and received emails and text messages, logged against the relevant client, candidate and vacancy records. You can also create records of phone calls and tasks, and set reminders and calendar appointments. All activity is recorded through user activity lists, and client, vacancy and candidate activity logs.

Charts, Reports, Views all tailored to your needs

Prism allows you to create charts, reports and dashboards based on the information that you most want to see. Just use the simple wizards and pick the data that you would like to report on. Charts and reports can be run on any data within Prism, whilst dashboards can also include data from other sources such as a company intranet or external website.

If you need help creating reports then just let us know what you need. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Restrict User Access

You may not want all of your users to be able to view management information, so this can be restricted using Prism’s role based security feature. Assign a security role to each user and they will only be able to access the parts of the system assigned to their role.