Cirrus Nova - Backup Policy


This policy defines the backup policy for Cirrus Nova in respect of any customer data held on its servers. Servers expected to be backed up include the file server, the mail server, and the web server.


This policy is designed to protect customer data within Cirrus Nova to be sure it is not lost and can be recovered in the event of an equipment failure, intentional destruction of data, or disaster.


This policy applies to all customer data processed by Cirrus Nova which is held on its servers.


The following terms used in this Backup Policy have the following meaning:

Backup: the storing of files on a secure networked server and the copying of files to an off-site location for the purpose of preventing loss of customer data in the event of equipment failure or destruction.

Cirrus Nova: means Cirrus Nova Limited incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 07538696.

Restore: the process of bringing off line storage customer data back from the offline media and putting it on an online storage system such as a file server and Restored shall be construed accordingly.


Full Backups are performed:

hourly Monday to Sunday;


Backup storage

Backups which are performed hourly shall be kept for 7 days.

Backups which are performed weekly shall be kept for 4 weeks.


Cirrus Nova’s Service Delivery Department is responsible for the Backup of customer data held on its servers.


The ability to Restore customer data from Backups shall be tested at least once per month using Cirrus Nova’s testing environment.

Data backed up

Cirrus Nova shall Backup all customer data. Systems to be backed up include, but are not limited to:

The Prism system, which comprises of a web servers and SQL databases

Prism SharePoint server, which comprises of a Microsoft SharePoint web servers and SQL databases

Cirrus Nova hosted web sites and associated SQL databases

Cirrus Nova do not Backup any customer data stored in systems linked to Prism which are hosted by a third party including, but not limited to, SharePoint Online.


Users that need files Restored must submit a request via the support desk. Users should include information about the file creation date, the name of the file, the last time it was changed, and the date and time it was deleted or destroyed. Files will be supplied in SQL or CSV format within 72 hours of request.

Storage locations

Backups are stored in two locations both of which are protected by fire suppression systems.

Last updated 06.07.11