Cirrus Nova Prism Recruitment Software - Key Features

Core Functionality

Improve your response times with comprehensive CRM/ATS functionality, intelligent searching and CV parsing

CRM/ATS Functionality

Prism has comprehensive customer relationship management and applicant tracking functionality including:

  • Client and candidate management
  • Diary management
  • Interview scheduling
  • Activity logs
  • Assign activities to other users
  • Send and receive email
  • Set reminders for yourself or your colleagues

Intelligent CV Parsing with Auto-Skilling

Prism's powerful CV parsing functionality will not only load unlimited CV's quickly and reliably but will also provide a weighted skills profile for each candidate

Whilst most recruitment software providers offer CV parsing, many only import contact information, leaving you to skill up the candidate manually.

Radius and Pinpoint Searching

How often do you look online to check the distance between a candidate’s home and the job location?

Prism removes this requirement with a convenient location searching function, displaying results on a map for ease of comparison. The radius based filtering removes those candidates outside of the required search area.

Boolean Searching

Prism now has integrated Boolean searching functionality, powered by dtSearch. Search your CVs quickly and easily for key words, include or exclude certain skills, and use multiple search criteria. Your search results will be highlighted within the CV text to allow you to quickly skip to the relevant section.