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Cirrus Nova Seals Silverline Partnership

Leamington Spa, United Kingdom, 28 May 2012


Cirrus Nova today announced their partnership with Recruitment Software developers, Silverline (part of the Parasol Group) to bring performance and profitability enhancement tools to their award nominated recruitment software solution, Prism.

Cirrus Nova Prism, which is a fully customisable, cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 2011 based recruitment solution, already has a vast array of valuable features. Now with Silverline integration, Prism brings real step change, sales team performance analysis and management metrics to recruitment businesses.

Silverline, a web-based bespoke solution for the staffing industry, allows managers to focus on the key performance metrics that really make a difference to recruiters and their profitability. View at a glance how the company, teams and specific individuals are performing against target. By utilising multiple data sources in order to create interactive dashboards, Silverline eliminates the need for time consuming data manipulation and conflicting reports, allowing managers to identify the key metrics that truly affect success.

Andy Brown, Managing Director of Cirrus Nova commented ‘We are excited about the enhanced business analytics and sales performance that our partnership with Silverline will provide to our clients.

At Cirrus Nova we value our reputation and only select those partners that share our vision and professional ethos. We are delighted to partner with Silverline, as they have made tremendous strides through their innovations and commitment to customers’.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Flynn, Parasol’s Commercial Manager, said: ‘One of the main reasons for Silverline’s existence is the ease in which we can adapt it to suit each recruiter’s individual business and CRM integration is a big part of this. There are a wide range of CRM systems currently being used by businesses throughout the staffing industry and that list continues to grow as more come to market.

We feel that Cirrus offers a unique proposition to staffing businesses and being a cloud based product like ourselves, we share a lot of common ground.”

Adding to the announcement both companies were pleased to share that Venturi Group, an existing Prism customer, have been the first to sign up to the Silverline extension to Prism. Brad Lamb, Managing Director at Venturi Group said ‘We are always looking to the latest innovations and believe the partnership between Cirrus Nova and Silverline is going to give us valuable insight enabling us to hone our competitive edge. We are therefore delighted to be the first of Cirrus Nova’s customers to sign up for this addition.


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